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Tired of missing your target when you practice? 

Basic Handgun Training available for New Shooters, Beginners, Novice and Skilled individuals who want to improve their handling skills, marksmanship ability and become a safe and efficient firearms handler. You're not sure which pistol is right for you, learn before you purchase.

Individuals, Groups and Families are Welcome.

Call for details.

Private Instruction and classes available for shooters, who want to improve their skills or knowledge about their personal handgun. If youíre going to purchase a handgun and not sure what you want, we give lessons with revolvers and semiautomatics. 

3 hour and 10 hour Courses Available. Small groups to ensure everyone gets the attention they require to handle their firearms or to learn about a firearm before purchasing.


Classes include the following areas of instruction and training.

                                        1.     Safety on Range and at home

                                        2.     Nomenclature

                                        3.     Ammunition

                                        4.     Loading & Unloading

                                        5.     Fundamentals

                                        6.     Cleaning & Care

                                        7.     Shooting Exercise

                                        8.     Review & Questions

                                        9.     Course Completion Certificate    (8 hr)

Equipment needed; Quality handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition.

Training materials and safety equipment furnished.

Very affordable rates.

Call or email for dates, times and rates, or any others questions you might want answered.


  Basic Fundamentals of Firearms Training****Improve Your Marksmanship Skills

Donít be afraid of the firearm in your home. Learn about it; shoot it and learn how to take care of it.  If you donít own a handgun and want to learn about them before you buy one, we can offer the training needed to make a good solid choice.

These classes are designed for the novice shooters and beginners who have always wanted to learn to shoot properly and with accuracy. If you have children at home and you want to take away the curiosity and learn good safe practices, this is the instruction you need.

Following classroom instruction, there will be live fire exercises. Practice what you have learned with help to correct any mistakes.

You will feel more confident and safer with the skills you learn in this training.

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